Our Staff

Our Staff are without doubt our best asset. We have a team of carers with exceptional skill and understanding of their profession.  We pride ourselves on having over 30 staff working shifts day and night.

No member of staff at Spring House works more than 40 hours per week with our maximum shift being 10 hours.

Staff who are tired are not able to engage with residents effectively.

We have a very strong senior team who work together to ensure that our standards remain high, staff are properly trained and that residents welfare remains our number 1 priority.

Management Team

At Spring House, we work together as one big team all striving to provide the best possible care for each of our service users, of course that team is made up of different teams that work along side each other to support each other – some say like a big family!

At the head is the management team, who ensure our service users are provided with the highest possible individual care, they ensure all staff are trained and supported and that all needs are met for both our service users and the staff.

We have Matt and Donna Luckham who are the owners of Spring House, they took over the running of the home in 2010 from Bridget Luckham who originally opened Spring House in 1998

Matt has been the registered manager and is also the originator of care control which you may or may not know is a very clever system that assists with all aspects of the paper work side of care such as care plans and monitoring. There is also the care control family app which enables families to keep in touch and up to date with their family members care, even if they can not visit often they are still in touch and a part of their family members day to day life!

Donna who organises and manages all accounts for Spring House as well as supports the registered manager on a daily basis

Which leads me onto Vanessa Crawford, our new registered manager as from 29th March 2018.

Vanessa has many years’ experience working in care, has her NVQ 2,3,4 and 5 and has also been approved by CQC to become our registered manager, although Vanessa has been working as manger of Spring House alongside Matt for a couple of years now and is well known by everyone

Then you have the care managers Kerrie, Carol and Julie

Kerrie has worked at Spring House for 10 Years and has many years’ experience working in the care setting, she has her NVQ 2,3,3 management and level 4 diploma. Kerrie also works with Vanessa in the office every Thursday and covers the office when Vanessa is away

Carol has worked in the care setting for many years, 28 of them at Spring House! Carol has her NVQ 2,3 and 4

Julie has worked at Spring House for 20 years and also has her NVQ 2,3 and 4

Then we have our senior’s Lizzie, Charlotte, Grace, Becky. All of our seniors have years of experience in the care setting and all have been working with us at Spring House for some time.


Living Wage for Spring House Care Staff

At Spring House we are passionate about care.  It is after all what the home is about. The care we offer is provided by our excellent care staff.  We believe that if you want the best possible care then you have to pay accordingly.

This is why at Spring House we are committed that the minimum pay our care staff should receive is the “Living Wage” .  This is calculated by the Living Wage Foundation. Outside of London the pay rate is currently £8.15 per hour.

We are also committed that the maximum number of hours a member of staff will be rota’d to work is 38 hours per week, our maximum shift length is 10 hours and the maximum number of days you can work in a row is 5.  It is our view that you cannot provide high quality care if you are tired!

Experience is Everything!

Here is a brief summary of the level of experience some of the team has: –

Vanessa – registered manager at Spring House, 20 years experience working in care, NVQ 2, 3 4 and 5

Kerrie – Care Manager, 10 years working at Spring House, 16 years experience working in care, NVQ 2,3,3 management and level 4 Diploma

Carol – Care Manager,28 years working at Spring House, NVQ Level 2,3 and 4

Julie – Care Manager, 20 years working with Spring House, NVQ Level 2, 3 and 4

Sue – 12 years working at spring house in care and is also one of our chefs

Doreen – Chef, 30 plus years experience, 3 years as cook at Spring House

Angie – 3 years working at Spring house in care and is also is one of our chefs

Lizzie – Senior, 8 years working at Spring House, NVQ Level 2, 3 and 3 management

Charlotte – Senior, 4 years working at Spring House, NVQ Level 2 and 3

Becky – Senior, 5 years working at Spring House, NVQ 2 and 3

Grace – Senior, 4 years working at Spring House, NVQ 2,3 and team leadership

Mark – Maintenance, 10 years working at Spring House

Alison – 18 years working at Spring House

Lydia – 27 years working at Spring House



We have fully trained in-house cooks who prepare and cook all meals.  The meals are all highly nutritional cooked fresh from produce sourced locally.

If you are interested and wish to know how Spring House can be of help to you or someone you know, please contact us.